Tapio Levä

Picture of Tapio Levä

Doctor of Science (Tech.)

Alma mater: Department of Communications and Networking, Aalto University, Finland

I am a Doctor of Science (Tech.), who did his PhD studies in the Network Economics research group, in the Department of Communications and Networking at Aalto University, Finland. The title of my PhD thesis is “Feasibility analysis of new Internet protocols: Methods and case studies”. My research interests include techno-economics of Internet architecture evolution, Internet standards adoption and information-centric networking.

My background is in telecommunications. I received M.Sc. in communications engineering from Helsinki University of Technology (TKK), Finland, in 2009 with major in Networking Technology and minors in Telecommunications Management and Interactive Digital Media. In my Master’s Thesis I studied the future scenarios for Internet architecture evolution.

Currently I work at Telia Finland as a Senior Business Manager, Analytics. I am developing new businesses that provide business insights for Telia’s customers based on data and analytics.  As such I am not actively doing research at the moments. My research has been focused at analyzing the techno-economic feasibility of emerging Internet protocols, such as Multipath TCP, Host Identity Protocol, and Constrained Application Protocol. I have been working with various analysis methods, including scenario planning, techno-economic modeling, and system dynamics.